We're looking for awesome new team members to join our team here at The Gathering Restaurant at Livingston Mercantile.
Click here to apply!!!
The Gathering at Livingston Mercantile is a southern restaurant that focuses on seasonality and hospitialty.

You'll be part of a team that enjoys working together towards a common goal; to make our guests feel special and excited to be here.
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{{answer_SCbeLTyyGJ2R}}, do you have reliable transportation? *

Getting to work on time is very important to us!!!
{{answer_SCbeLTyyGJ2R}}, what postion are you applying for today?

Describe your last kitchen job. Did you work the salad station? Were you the sous chef? Tell us about your work experience working in a professional kitchen.

What is your pay rate requirement? Example: $10/hr or annual salary.

At the Gathering we have a lot of fun at work but working in a restaurant is hard work, right? We believe in work/home balance. Describe a perfect day off?

We all have favorites. Describe the most rewarding job you have ever had and why you enjoyed it.

If you have a CV or Resume please attach it here!!!

Thank you for applying at The Gathering at Livingston Mercantile!!!!!!
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